Nupic Hackathon

Nupic Hackaton 

Hacked away at Numenta platform for Intelligence computing, Oct 19th. Would you miss an opportunity to meet with Jeff and the Nupic Community. Here is what hapened. 

Nupic Fall Hackathon“It was a 36-hour event, starting at 10AM on Saturday, and ending with hack demos at 4PM Sunday afternoon. We started with a Kickoff presentation to go over hackathon protocol, then jumped right into hacking. There were some interesting themes this time. A lot more people tried using’s word fingerprinting service for natural language processing hacks. We also had a lot of interest in EEG analysis with NuPIC, which seems to be a hot topic within the community. And we even had another robotics demo!:” – Matt Numpic Community Fag Bearer

Here is my Kaggle Hack 


Q&A Session with Jeff